A Message From  The President

CASCI is delighted to have you as a new member of its team.  You’ll soon discover that at the heart of CASCI’s operation is an unwavering focus on our customers; commitment to meeting our customers’ requirements each and every time.  To do this, we rely heavily on each team member completing each task with the utmost accuracy, thoroughness, and efficiency.  We challenge each team member on an ongoing basis to develop new and improved ways to fulfill our customer’s needs.

CASCI’s customers, in addition to subscribers and the community, are our associates.  In recognizing our associates as customers, we believe that our associates are our most valuable and valued asset.  CASCI team members are what enable this company to realize excellence and cost-effectiveness in customer service.

I hope you look forward to your new partnership at CASCI with the same levels of excitement and commitment with which we welcome you aboard.  You will find many opportunities to demonstrate what you can do and will be rewarded for the success you achieve.  I look to you to continue the standard of excellence in performance set forth at CASCI and look forward to meeting you in the near future.





Fred Plumb
Capitol Area Services Company, LLC.